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Offsides! - Fred Wyant's Provocative Look Inside the NFL
(Xlibris with Gollywobbler Productions, hardcover and paperback, 2001)

An official in the National Football League for 27 years, 19 of those as a referee, Fred Wyant begins where others end
with this candid and provocative look inside the NFL including: the calls officials miss most and why; the greed of owners
who want public funding for new stadiums; the pros and cons of instant replay; the lack of positive role models in football
today, and  the tolerance of coaches and owners who allow players who perform on the field to abuse women, drugs and
alcohol off the field.
From delineating how each member of the team is challenged with 1,500 decisions in a game to illuminating league
policies, Wyant reveals what it's really like to be part of America's most popular sport. Considered by his peers as one of
the league's best referees, he never officiated a Super Bowl because he operated "outside the system" of his Park
Avenue supervisors.
You'd Better Have A Hose If You Want To Put Out The Fire
(Gollywobbler Productions, paperback, 2000)

A crisis can strike any organization, any time.  The professional tips, tactics, dos, don'ts, case histories and advice in
this book will help any manager be better prepared when the inevitable happens.  The book has been widely and
positively reviewed and is one of the best selling books on this subject.  First published in 2000, this has been one of
the most popular sellng books on crisis management and communications.  It has been superceded with more current
strategies, anecdotes and case histories by Henry's latest book,
Communicating In A Crisis: A guide for
Marketing Public Relations - the HOWS that make it work!
(Iowa State University Press, hardcover 1995, paperback 2000)

Marketing public relations is the comprehensive public awareness program designed to increase recognition of an
organization's product or service.  It is used in the political arena to attract voters and in the corporate world to
increase sales.  This book explains the process of marketing public relations, including the use of resources and
special distribution services, the way to enlist media cooperation in the campaign, the considerations in targeting
specific markets, and the basics of planning and budgeting. The checklists will be valuable tools for both the
beginner and for the busy senior practitioner.
Bears Handbook - Stories, Stats and Stuff About Baylor Football
(Midwest Sports Publishing, paperback, 1996)

Co-authored with Mike Bishop, the foreword is by Grant Teaff, legendary Baylor football coach, and has detailed
information, statistics and photographs of the history of Baylor University football through 1995.  Included are
game-by-game scores each season, team records, lists of football lettermen, honors and awards, anecdotes and
trivia. This is a must for football historians and any fan of Baylor football.  The book is now out of print but still
available on line.
How To Profitably Buy & Sell Land
(John Wiley & Sons, hardcover 1977)

This book reflects the viewpoints and ideas of some of the most highly successful professionals and
entrepreneurs in the real estate industry.  Written by Henry in 1977, the book still is current with strategies
that could be prosperous for either a company or an individual.  The book is a highly practical and most
comprehensive treatment of the subject.  Now out of print, the book can be obtained on line.

                 Other Published Works

MIUS AND YOU - The Developer Looks At A New Utility concept, co-author, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, the first
definitive book written on utility cogeneration, 1980, co-author with Joseph G. Honick and Richard W. O'Neill

A Look At the U.S. Olympic Committee In the Year 2000, co-author of the report of the USOC's Long Range Strategic Planning Task Force,
July 1988, co-author with David Jay Flood, FAIA

Vacation Homes Plans & Products Guide, editor, Hudson Publishing Co., 1965

Contributor to the report of the President's Committee On Urban Housing (Kaiser Committee), 1965

Contributor to the report of the National Commission On Urban Problems (Douglas Commission), 1967

Numerous op/eds, opinion pieces, features and commentaries.

Communicating In A Crisis: A guide for management
Gollywobbler Productions, 2008, 326 pages
Amazon Kindle $9.95, Paperback $34.95 (ISBN 978-0-9674535-2-1)  

Every company, organization, nonprofit and college and university is vulnerable to a crisis.  Unfortunately, most are
not prepared when a crisis strikes.  The book cites five generic crises every company should have in place in addition
to crises specific to its business or service: terrorism; acts of Mother Nature, including earthquakes, floods, hurricanes
and tornadoes; sexual harassment and discrimination; violence in the workplace; and environmental pollution.  One
chapter tells the reader how to fight back and win when wronged or maligned.  A chapter on customer service stresses
its importance in helping prevent crises.  Working relationships are outlined between PR counselors and lawyers
during crises.
This book tells the reader how to organize a crisis team and develop a plan, 10 steps to take to resolve a crisis and prevent is from
exacerbating, and how to manage communications in  crisis.  Scores of anecdotes and case histories from actual crises highlight
recommended dos and don'ts.  There are in-depth chapters related specifically for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry; sports and
events; the workplace; government at all levels, and higher education.

Book Reviews of Communicating In A Crisis - (click below to link to full review)

Count Enemies, Friends, Says Henry by Jack O'Dwyer,, November 12, 2008 and O'Dwyer's PR Report, Vol. 22, No.
12, December 2008

'Communicating in a Crisis' Delivers the Goods for Crisis Management Professionals; Customer Service Information Included for Public
Contact Employees by David M. Kinchen, Book Critic, September 30, 2008
The Iron Indians
© 2011, Gollywobbler Productions
Paperback:   $14.95  (ISBN:  978-0-9674535-3-8)

Any one who thinks a college football team needs to be three times the size of a professional NFL team and
have 85 scholarship players needs to read The Iron Indians, a new book by Rene A. Henry.

The book tells the story of the 1953 William & Mary football team that had only 24 players and lost only once in
its first six games.  The team was decimated because of an Honor Code offense and lost some 30 players,
eight starters and both co-captains.  Coach Jack Freeman also only had 15 scholarships.  
Called “The Iron Indians,” wins included Wake Forest, N.C. St., Virginia Tech, and Richmond and a tie against nationally-ranked
Navy.  Injuries took their toll late in the season, but W&M finished with a 5-4-1 record.  The next winning season was in 1965 in
Marv Levy’s second year as head coach.

Jack Freeman faced challenges that few coaches today would accept.  He didn’t have enough players for a full scrimmage so in
practice when running plays to the right side of the line, he had the left side play defense and vice versa.  Tackling and blocking
dummies were used in spaces when players were injured, which was frequent.

The opening section of the book cites world and U.S. history during the Fifties as well as what was happening on the William & Mary
campus.  There are romantic, comedic and dramatic anecdotes Henry gained from numerous interviews with classmates and the
players and their families.  The book supplements information from the 1953 media guide with career biographical information on
all 24 players and the coaching staff.  There are pre-season stories as well as a complete narrative and statistical recaps of all
10 games.

Five of the players were veterans returning from Korea.  Most of the others entered military service after graduation.  Three became
prominent attorneys.  Six were drafted by or signed professional contracts with NFL teams.  Several were Dean’s List and one
Phi Beta Kappa.  Two were pre-season Academic all-Americans.  Several grew up in small Pennsylvania coal mining towns.  Many
married their college sweethearts in what became lifetime relationships.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: the cornerstone of success
© 2011, Gollywobbler Productions
Paperback $14.95 (ISBN 978-0-9674535-5-2) Kindle edition $4.95
Audible/Audio Book $13.08
This should be a must read by CEOs, senior managers and heads of PR and customer service
at all companies, organizations and institutions as well as local, state and federal governments.

The book cites how poor or no customer service has caused and exacerbated crises. There
are separate chapters on basics, listening, responding, telephone etiquette and the problem
of gate guardians as well as separate chapters for a more comprehensive look at the success of
several companies including Amica Mutual Insurance Co., Marriott and Crystal Cruise Lines.

The author draws from the successful practices of CEOs who know extraordinary customer
service to provide the reader with a menu of proven ideas that can be adapted for any type of
business, product or service.  The book looks at how the Nordstrom family empowers its employees
with ownership and entreprneurialism. The way Amazon has profited from Jeff Bezos' customer-centric
philosophy. The importance Bill Marriott, Jr. places on management by walking around. Ukrops
Supermarkets became a major regional chain with a contrarian strategy. Brad Tilden attributes the
success of Alska Airlines to the company's culture and passion for customer service.
My Wonderful Life ... being in the right place at the right time
© 2016, Gollywobbler Productions, 208 pages
Paperback $24.95    (ISBN 978-0-9764535-6-9)

In his latest book author Rene A. Henry writes about how he circumvented overzealous and
obstructive gate guards, how he got transportation in New York City during late afternoon and early
evening thunderstorms, took on the media and federal government to right wrongs, and leadership
and organizational concepts he found helpful in business and his personal life.

In “My Wonderful Life – being in the right place at the right time,” Henry shares with readers dozens
of experiences and anecdotes from his diverse professional career internationally in public relations,
sports marketing, housing and construction, television and entertainment, government relations,
federal service, association management, and even politics.

He outlines methods he uses to manage time and budgets and record important information. He
gives examples of his principles of leadership and management. As the author of two books on crisis
management and communications, he says that during a crisis it is important to always tell the truth
and the whole truth and do to so as soon as possible. In another chapter he details how he fought
back when clients were wronged by the media. He details an incident where he took on Columbia
University’s Columbia Journalism Review for maligning his boss. In another case he challenged the
federal government and won. Henry also discusses the the use and abuse of the First Amendment
and libel, slander and defamation laws.
“From the years I worked in Hollywood and sports I learned how to get around the so-called administrative assistants, gate guards, agents
and publicity flacks to get to their bosses,” Henry says. “This was helpful numerous times during my career and made possible a New York
City ticker tape parade for the 1954 U.S. Olympic medal winners when we went around one of his “assistants” and directly to Mayor Ed

In his book he writes about the lessons he learned from his parents and family growing up in Charleston, W.Va. and Norfolk, Va., in high
school and college, and from mentors early in his diverse professional career. He discusses changes in society regarding personal
communications skills and common courtesy and the importance of volunteerism and giving back.