SEC and Congress Knew About Porno Problems November 2008, published by Huntington News Network,
May 1, 2008
The furor in the news about senior employees of the Securities and Exchange Commission watching pornography
instead of doing their jobs is not new news.  It was first disclosed in the semi-annual SEC Inspector General's
September 2008 report to Congress that was made public the day after Thanksgiving. ...

Government Spokesmen Are Paid to Speak, published by O'Dwyers Public Relations News, April 30, 2008
Government spokespeople have an obligation to the taxpaying public to speak to the media when asked to do so. ..

Coal Mine PR Spinning U.S. Public, Congress, published by, April 14, 2010
Big Coal has done a PR job keeping regulatory, oversight and enforcement agencies weak and safety standards
below expectations. ...

Will People Ever Trust Banks Again?, Published by Huntington News Network September 28,
September 29, and
Caribbean Net News, September 30, 2009
Banking once was a trusted and respected business.  Even after the multitude of bank failures during the Great
Depression of the 1930s and the savings and loan crises of the 1980s and 1990s, bankers were the pillars of their
local communities. What banking and financial institutions need today is a modern-day George Bailey, the role
played by Jimmy Stewart in the 1946 movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  He had the respect and trust ...

CEOs, PR Disconnect: 'Old school' vs. 'Don't Call Us, We'll Call You' -- Maybe, published January 24 by www. and January 31 by Huntington News Network  (click on each publication to access article)
As an author and writer, I get some of my best material from personal experiences.  Today we have a new breed of
CEOs in Corporate America to whom I like to direct questions to see how they and their gate guardians respond.  
That is, if they have the business acumen to even respond.

Why Can't Corporate America Tell the Truth?, published by Huntington News Network, September 7, 2008,
In the past decade, Corporate America has had far too many crises and scandals.  As a result, thousands of
employees, shareholders, customers, vendors and others were impacted and a number of former CEOs and senior
executives are spending their time in prisons instead of board rooms. . . .

Know Your Opposition - When your company, organization or client is in an adversarial position, or anticipating
being in one, be sure you get to know everything you possibly can about your opposition.  Only when you do, will
you be prepared to strategically implement your crisis communications plan. ...

Corporate America: It's Time to Listen; 'What We Have Here Is Failure to Communicate', published by
Huntington News Network, January 27, 2007  
Harry S Truman said it best: "The buck stops here." And, during the 1980s, Britain's Lord Taylor, with the same
philosophy, established a model for customer service and communication by a CEO. ...

Hold AIG and All Bailout Firms to Federal Pay Scales, published by Huntington News Network, March 19, 2009
While Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) may have used several inappropriate words to criticize the $165 million in
bonuses given AIG management, he certainly reflected the anger and resentment of the American public over the
company rewarding employees for greed, mismanagement, incompetency and just plain stupidity. ...

Higher Education Needs to Get Itself Squared Away - This is a two-part series for Huntington News Network that
looked at the problems in higher education today and what presidents and chancellors of colleges and universities
and their governing boards need to do to make higher education accessible for everyone.  The articles look at
problems of rising tuition and fees, the workload of faculty members and where CEOs need to take action.
Part 1 - Another Financial Crisis For Higher Education, February 17, 2009
Part 2 -
Football Can Be A Key to Balancing Budgets, February 18, 2009